Now, What Do I Do With My Dissertation?
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Welcome Video (What to Expect in this Course?)

Reading AssignmentOutcome or Impact: The End or the Beginning?

Assignment: Write a short 1 pager detailing what potential 'impact' your dissertation might have on your(our) profession?

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Video (Creating YOUR Impact !!)

Reading Assignment: Why Publish in a Professional Journal?

Assignment: Write a short 1 pager explaining why you might want to publish from your dissertation?

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Video (Cutting Your Dissertation to a 20-25 Page Manuscript !! )

Reading Assignment: Sample Journal Guidelines

Assignment: Draft a 20-25 page manuscript from your dissertation following journal Guidelines.

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Dr. Jaffeth Sanchez is an Associate Professor at the University of Nevada at Reno and serves as the Senior Editor of a professional journal entitled Education Leadership Review of Doctoral Research (ELRDR).  The ELRDR only accepts submissions from recent (within one year) graduates of a doctoral program, and specifically, manuscripts based on one's dissertation.  Dr. Sanchez discusses the ELRDR and encourages submissions and is also available should you have questions or desire further information.  You may contact her by email at: