Instructional Modules for New Docs

´╗┐Module 1:  Now, What Do I Do with My Dissertation?

This module is a 3-week online course covering several topics including (1) Outcomes or Impacts: End or Beginning? (2),  the Fierce Competition the First-Time Author Faces, and (3) How to Reduce a Dissertation into a 20-25 page Manuscript Required by Publishers?  

Upon completion of the course, new Docs will submit a 20-page for review for publication in a professional peer-reviewed journal. 

Course ParticipationThere is no fee for this course.  To register, send a letter of intent to so we can assist with the course readings, discussion, and assignments (though we are suggesting a 3-week length, you are free to complete as desired).  If you desire a Certificate of Completion for your professional purposes, we will be glad to offer such a letter to anyone completing the course, upon request.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Though Dissertation Perfection serves as an 'editorial reviewer' of Proposals and Dissertations for a fee, this course offering is not related to the official review service we offer (other than being on the same website). The purposes of our Instructional Module are to (1) contribute to the profession, (2) add to the knowledge base, and (3) assist recent Ed.D. and Ph.D. graduates in preparing the dissemination of their dissertation results for publication in peer-reviewed professional journals.

Questions or clarifications desired, email:


Dr. Ted Creighton
Executive Director and Senior Editor
Dissertation Perfection, LLC

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Theodore (Ted) Creighton is Professor Emeritus from Virginia Tech.  Ted is the founder and Executive Director of Dissertation Perfection, LLCand also serves as a Senior Editor.  He has served as a Chair or Committee Member on over 100 dissertations at four universities.  Though many of his dissertations were quantitative and qualitative, he has extensive experience with mixed-methods studies.  Ted currently lives in Durango, CO with his wife Linda, a retired Professor from Radford University in Virginia.

Dr. Sandra Harris is Professor Emeritus from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. Her dissertations include qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Sandra is a former associate professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, before accepting the Doctoral Program Director's position at Lamar University.  Though officially retired, Sandy continues to Chair dissertations at Abeline Christian University in-between trips to see her grandchildren.

Dr. John Slate is currently a Professor at Sam Houston State University, where he teaches quantitative data analysis, research methods, and academic and professional writing.  John has experience at several universities including Texas A&M University, Kingsville, University of Missouri, Kansas City, and the University of Texas at El Paso, TX. Though John keeps busy professionally, he finds time to pursue his passion for running marathons and ultra-distance events, including 100 milers.